It can’t be – December 1 – Christmas just around the corner? Yep, it’s true there are just three more weeks until that man in the red suit travels around the world at a breakneck speed of light, leaving precious little gifts (the ones lovingly wrapped by the parents) for our little ones.

We understand how stressful this time of the year can be for families and it’s our job to help make life easier with a list of gift ideas which are classic and practical but just that little bit different.


  1. Doll Prams and Cots

Pretend play is the absolute essence of childhood, the foundation on which children begin to learn about their place in the world and develop those all essential social skills. Prams and cots are often very popular with the littlies as they begin to mimic being parents, so it’s not surprising how quickly the Doll Prams and Cots by Smallstuff and Cam Cam go out the door. The prams, handmade from rattan and metal, are fully functional, and have a timeless appeal and will keep the kids occupied for hours! No pram would be complete without a beautiful wooden cot which can be matched with a blanket and pillow set so the occupants can keep comfy and warm.

Alimrose dolls or Smallstuff knitted dolls are also a great addition to both the prams and the cots.


  1. Baskets, baskets, baskets

A show of hands if you have toddlers who want to take over pushing the shopping trolley and you are forever fearful their little toes will be squashed. Or, they love collecting things wherever you go, and you need to find the pocket space to put those vital trinkets in. It’s important to find the right size basket for toddlers to want to cart around anywhere they like, including on shopping trips, and perfect for storing their most prized possessions. That why we love the Piki and MiniChari baskets, or the Luggy baskets by Olli Ella.


  1. Pretend makeup and brush sets

Many little girls are in awe of their mums and want to be just like them, particularly when putting on makeup. Little Make-Up Lovers allows the connection to build between mother and daughter but with something that is child-friendly, mess-free, non-transferable and non-toxic.  Little girls can pretend they are just like mummy but in a practical way (and without the mess and breakages!).


  1. Matching Fairy Wings, Crowns and Wands

There is something truly magical about childhood, the sense of wonderment and the pure joy and fascination with the imaginary world. Why not encourage that sense of adventure and playfulness with Oh Mee Oh Mai fairy wings, crowns and wands? Let their imaginations go wild and let them be free to run through the fields as they please and do it in comfort and style.


IMPORTANT: Christmas Postage Cut-Off Dates

We will endeavour to make sure your goodies get to you by Christmas but please take the time to look at the order cut-off dates below for delivery.

Same-city deliveries.

Last pickup date: Tuesday 19 December

We are in Brisbane, Queensland

Short-haul national deliveries.

Last pickup date: Thursday 14 December

This includes deliveries to interstate metro areas or same-state regional areas such as Brisbane to Melbourne, Brisbane to Sydney. 

Long-haul national deliveries.

Last pickup date: Thursday 7 December

This includes deliveries to Western Australia, far north Queensland, or to remote areas (including in NSW and Victoria).