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A beautiful brand of modern decor and play pieces with a focus on items that can be multifunctional - you will want to be using these pieces well after your children grows up.  

Olli Ella was started in 2009 in London by sisters Chloe and Olivia who drew inspiration from their children and their own childhoods to make beautiful, playful and iconic pieces for the nursery, bedroom, playroom and home.  

We stock a selection of the Olli Ella range - including the much loved Luggy and Piki Baskets, Minichari Bags, Holdie House, and Playpa range. We love that this brand has multifunctional decor that you will want to use for your own room and that can grow with your children.  

Ollie Ella aims to minimise their ecological footprint and ensure that when they are manufacturing outside of their local areas that they are using fair trade suppliers that share their ethos of quality and attention to detail.  Ethically-sourced raw materials are used for all of their decor items and also include the use of non-toxic paints.  

We hope you enjoy the range as much as well do!

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