Fun Easter ideas for big and little bunnies

Easter has to be one of my favourite holidays. We used to go camping when I was young and I remember worrying that the Easter bunny wouldn’t be able to find us – after all, we were in the middle of nowhere! But he always did, and I have such lovely memories of waking up early and searching for Easter eggs – the little glint of colourful foil was always a sight for sleepy eyes.

Thankfully, my two girls seem to love Easter just as much as I do. Here’s a collection of fun Easter ideas we think you’ll love.

Easter bunny footprints

What better way to announce the arrival of the Easter bunny than with bunny footprints? We love this clever idea from Tidbits and Twine. Be sure to download their footprint template and get ready for excited gasps as your little ones discover they’ve been paid a visit.

Photo courtesy of Tidbits and Twine

The Easter egg hunt

Easter just isn’t Easter without an Easter egg hunt, and there’s nothing more exciting than seeing your little one’s face light up as they find each hidden treat.

But if you’re anything like me, you’re not too keen on giving them too much chocolate in one go. Along with traditional Easter fare, I also like to hide little inexpensive gifts such as pencils and stickers. I find that my two girls are just as excited to discover these colourful little treats hidden around the backyard, as they are to find chocolate.

With their beautiful vintage style, our Olli Ella baskets will make this activity extra special. They come in a range of sizes and colours and are handwoven using traditional methods.

And for older kids, why not make some signs or give them clues to turn it into a scavenger hunt? You’ll find lots of great ideas and printables on Pinterest.

Easter outfits to impress

Easter in Australia can coincide with cooler weather, so we love long sleeves and soft fabrics.

Why not turn your little one into an Easter bunny with this adorable unisex La La Rabbit Suit? Available in Grey, Ivory and Pink, it’s soft and comfy with a full zip for easy nappy changes.

For girls, we think the Shushu Dress is perfect for Easter parties. Made from 100% cotton, the dress features a soft neckline, long sleeves and a soft tulle skirt.

Easter-themed tea party

A fun activity to get your children outdoors is to help them host an Easter-themed tea party – either with you, some friends or even just their stuffed toys. You don’t need fancy tea sets or furniture to pull this one off. Just a rug, a tray, and some old cups and plates will set the scene for your tea party.

Get your little ones involved in making some Easter-themed treats. These healthy Easter snacks are not only cute, they’re just the ticket to offset those sugar highs!

And our gorgeous bunnies from Alimrose Designs make the perfect tea party guests. They’ve been crafted from unprocessed pure cotton and come in four angelic designs.

And finally, something for the big kids

We love recipes that use up leftovers and this Hot cross bun chocolate bread and butter pudding is perfect for transforming Easter goodies into a delicious dessert – perfect for us big kids!

Do you have any fun ideas to share for Easter? Let us know in the comments below.